Pinellas County Center for the Arts

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Dance @ PCCA

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Visual Art @ PCCA


Senior Exit Show

Gallery 2, Bldg 5


Student News

SPC Pinellas County HS Art Exhibition:

1st Place: 

Sarah garcia 9th grade

3rd Place:

Mallory Lundquist 10th grade

Honorable Mention:

Amanda Matthews 11th grade

Walker's Rising Stars! 

Congratulations to the following PCCA students for their excellent performance!
Caroline Atkins – Theatre 2nd Place
Tristan Braboy – Dance 2nd Place
Caleb Clarke – Visual Arts 2nd Place
Matt Fulton – Instrumental Music 4th Place
National Scholastics Awards in NYC!
Following PCCA  students won the National Medals in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.  These students will be recognized at Carnegie Hall in New York City on June 6th.  

•Marissa Jennings (theater):  Silver Medal in Photography

•Indigo Naar (visual):  American Visions Medal in Fashion

•Angelica DeLillo (visual):  Gold Medal in Ceramics and a Silver Medal Portfolio

•Eric Voorhis (visual):  Gold Medal in Jewelry, a Silver Medal Portfolio, and the 3D Systems Award in the “Future New” category.

Music @ PCCA

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Theater @ PCCA

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Alumni News

Blaine Krauss, now a senior at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music will be playing the role of Jean Valjean in the musical LES MISERABLES February 27-March 9!!!  He will then be performing in his Senior Showcase in New York City on April 7, 2014.  After graduation he will be performing at the MUNY in the show TARZAN.

Faculty News

New Faculty News coming soon...


PCCA Event Calendar


September 2013

9/3 Visual Art Opening AP Drawing Show 5PM G2

9/3 PCCA Open House 6:30 PM GT

9/11 Thespian Interest Meeting 2:15 PM 5-207

9/23-27 Thespian Week 7AM GHS

9/25 Visual Arts Seminar 7AM GT

9/26 Music Student Recital 2PM GT

October 2013

10/1 Fan Club Meeting 6:30PM 4-106

10/3 National Art Honor Society Induction 5PM GT Lobby

10/3 Visual Arts Figure Show Opening 6PM G2

10/3 Thespian Induction 7PM GT

10/7 Auditions for District Thespian Festival 2:15PM 5-207

10/10 Fall Choral Concert 7PM GT

10/17 Visual Arts Senior Juried Exhibition Opening “Aficionar” 6PM G1 & G2

10/17 Visual Arts Guest Artist Kim Millspaugh Opening 6PM G1 & G2

10/17 Fall Band Concert 7PM GT

10/22-25 “Clybourne Park” Mainstage Performance 7PM ET

10/24 Music Student Recital 2:15PM GT

November 2013

11/1,2 SPIFFS-Dance performance 8:30AM Vinoy Park

11/5 Fan Club Meeting 6:30PM 4-106

11/6-8 Theater Auditions for “The Women” Mainstage 2:30PM 4-111

11/8 Thespian One Act Performance 7PM ET

11/13 & 14 Fall Dance Concert 7PM GT

11/13-16 Florida Theater Conference Gainesville, FL

11/14 Music Student Recital 2:15PM 5-114

11/16 District-wide Magnet Fair 9AM PPHS

11/19 South County Magnet Fair 6PM GHS café

11/21 Ms. Gibbs HS Pageant 7PM GT

11/25-11/29 Thanksgiving Break

December 2013

12/3 Fan Club Meeting 6:30PM 4-106

12/3 Thespian Ind. Events Showcase 7PM ET

12/5 Concertos & Crumpets 7PM ET

12/5-6 District 4 Thespian One Acts 7AM Clearwater SPC 12/7 Disrict 4 Thespian Festival 7AM GHS

12/9 Music Student Recital 2:15PM GT

12/10 Combined Band Concert with John Hopkins Middle School 7PM GT

12/11 National Honor Society Induction 7PM GT

12/12 Visual Arts Guest Artist Rachel Stewart Opening 6PM G1

12/12 Visual Arts Juried Exhibit Opening 6PM Theater Lobby

12/13 Theater Senior “Bleed EM Dry” Showcase 7PM ET

12/18 Combined  Orchestra Concert with John Hopkins Middle School 7PM GT

12/23-1/3/14 Winter Holiday Break

January 2014

1/6 School Reopens

1/7 Fan Club Meeting 6:30PM 4-106

1/9-23 Visual Art Faculty Show

1/13-16 Final Exam Week

1/17 & 1/20 School Closed for Students

1/21 2nd Semester Begins

1/23-24 Dance LINES Auditions 7:05AM Dance Studios

1/24 Theater Junior “Bleed Em Dry” 7PM GT

1/27-31 Dance Senior Projects 7PM GT

February 2014

2/4-6 Auditions for Finale’ 2:15PM GT

2/4 Fan Club Meeting 6:30PM 4-106

2/4-7 2nd Mainstage Performance “The Women” 7PM ET

2/7,8 Dance U of Hartford Audition & Guest artist 3PM Dance

2/11,13,19,21 Theater Senior Projects 7PM ET

2/11-25 Districtwide Scholastic Art Awards Opening 6PM G2

2/14-15 Music FVA Solo & Ensemble competition 7AM GHS

2/17 School Closed for Students

2/21-22 Music FBA competition 3PM GHS

2/27 Music Monthly Student Music Recital 2:15 PM GT

March 2014

3/1,2 Florida Dance Assessments TBA Blake HS

3/3-7 Senior Music Recitals 7PM GT

3/4 Fan Club Meeting 6:30PM 4-106

3/5-9 Theater SETC TBA AL

3/6-15 Visual Arts Senior Projects solo 1 & 2 Opening 2:30PM Morean

3/10 Visual Arts Senior Projects group 1 & 2 Opening 5PM G1 &2

3/11-13 Music FVA Choral Music Assessment 7AM Clwtr.

3/13-15 Music FBA Assessments TBA

3/17-21 Senior Music Recitals 7PM GT

3/18-4/3 Disrictwide Sculpture & Ceramics Show Opening 6PM Lobby

3/24-28 Spring Break

3/26-28 District 4 Thespians 7AM Tampa

April 2014

4/1 Fan Club Meeting 6:30PM 4-106

4/3 Music Student Recital 2:15PM 5-114

4/3-6 High School Dance Festival TBA Miami

4/7 Visual Arts Senior Projects solo 3 & 4 Opening 2:30PM Morean

4/10 Visual Arts Senior Projects Group 3 & 4 Opening 5PM G1 & 2

4/10-11 Spring Dance Concert 7PM GT

4/15 Theater Freshmen/Sophomore Showcase 7PM ET

4/17 Visual Arts Senior Projects Solo 5 & 6 Opening 2:30PM Morean

4/18 School Closed for Students

4/21 Visual Arts Senior Projects Group 5 & 6 5PM G1&2

4/24 Music Monthly Student Recital 2:15PM 5-114

4/30-5/2 PCCA Finale’ “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” 7PM GT

4/30-5/16 Finale’ Art Exhibit 7PM Lobby

May 2014

5/15-5/30 Visual Arts Digital Art Exhibit Opening 6PM G1

5/15 Music “Bebop & Biscuits” 7PM ET

5/16 Music “Student Composer’s Concert” 7PM GT

5/23 Music Spring Vocal Concert 7PM GT

5/22 Music MonthlyStudent Recital 2:15PM GT

5/22 Theater “Marley Awards ” 7PM GT

5/27 Gibbs Awards Night 5:00 PM GT

5/29-6/3 Final Exams

5/30 Visual Arts Senior Exhibit “Legacy” 7PM G2

5/30 PCCA Commencement 7PM GT

June 2014

6/2-4 Exams

6/4 Last day for students

GT= Grande Theater

ET= Experimental Theater

G1=Gallery 1-Building 8

G2=Gallery 2 Building 4

Morean =Morean Art Center